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Back to Fitness is run by Chris Jolliffe, Doctor of Chiropractic, Level 4 Personal Trainer and Studio Instructor in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole.

"I take pride in offering state-of-the-art natural health care and fitness. I love attending seminars, learning new ways to help the people I work with, and refining and developing my current skills. I focus on patient and client education as this empowers you and gets you the best results in the shortest amount of time.

My aim is to help you and your body work to your full potential. I work holistically, looking at how you move, play, eat, work and sleep. To help you reach your goals, we can work together using tools, such as Chiropractic care, acupuncture, nutritional and postural advice, and fitness and functional rehabilitation programmes of exercise, so you feel the best you can!

I have worked with all ages, ability levels and many different conditions in the health and fitness industry over the last 17 years."

"I want to help you feel great, long term."
So let's get started!



Chiropractic is a health-care profession, which treats and manages conditions that are due to problems with the joints, ligaments, tendons and nerves; especially those related to the spine.


Chiropractors use safe manual therapy methods of treatment. One of the main tools Chiropractors use is a gentle, specific spinal manipulation to free joints in the spine and other areas of the body that are not moving properly. Other therapeutic tools include massage, stretching, ice/heat and acupuncture. Chiropractors will also offer advice on nutrition, sports and exercise

Fitness Classes

Fitness classes can help relaxation, enhance mood, aid sleep, relieve tension, improve a sense of well-being and improve core strength, balance, flexibility, suppleness, posture and joint mobility.



“Chris has considerable knowledge & skills to accurately diagnose the root cause of the problem & he uses a wide range of techniques to return the body to flexibility & mobility. I left his session with a clear list of personalised, written instructions & pictorial exercises to continue enhancing my treatment at home. Chris delivers all this in a friendly, helpful & professional manner & given what he achieves in a half hour session, I would say he is excellent value for money & I highly recommend him to others.”

Chris King-Holford

“As a retired General Practitioner I followed my wife in visiting Chris Jolliffe. I have never had a better introduction to exercise and an extremely thorough examination. He really is an expert.”

Julie Allen

“I have undertaken several sessions with Chris, and now working on a maintenance regime for my back and shoulder pain. His treatments including chiropractic, massage and acupuncture have all been undertaken with excellent results, and in a very professional, gentle manner – I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris Jolliffe”

Angela Long

"I have recently completed a course of chiropractic treatment from Chris Jolliffe and found it both beneficial and enjoyable. My treatment comprised of detailed exercises explained and demonstrated on me, acupuncture and discussion pertaining to my particular problem. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Jolliffe's chiropractic skills"

Diane Flamers, PgCert HRM, BSc (Hons) Psychology, MBPsS

“The Chiropractic Treatment Plan that Chris personalised to my individual needs has been very beneficial to my health and general wellbeing. The emphasis has shifted from predominantly treatment room based care to mainly self-management. This has been achieved within quite a reasonable timeframe. Coupled with attending Pilate classes also conducted by Chris, my neck, shoulder and head tension problems have improved significantly. Chris has been approachable, helpful, friendly and professional at all times. I would strongly recommend him.”


“I have been using chiropractors since the age of 16 relatively regularly (I am now 39). Over this time I have visited many different people for treatments. Although I have been satisfied with most of the practitioners, Chris has been the only one who has actually set out a treatment plan and actually given me stretches and strengthening exercises to do at home to help my problems long term and prevent further issues. My neck is the best it's been in years and after a treatment with Chris, I feel lighter and more aligned. I would wholeheartedly recommend this lovely man to anyone who requires treatment.”

Terry Y (Funeral Director)

“After struggling for a number of months with lower back problems the pain became so bad that I was unable to work and needed to seek professional help. Chris was recommend by a friend. The process began with an incredibly thorough assessment which immediately identified the problem areas, and I noticed an amazing difference after the very first adjustment. Since starting a course of treatments with Chris I am virtually pain free. The improvement in my flexibility and core strength is such that I am back at work and have also been able to start running again.”

Mr M.A.J. Pashley BEng.

"I made an appointment to see Chris after suffering with a stiff neck and general discomfort in my lower back. Having previously used chiropractors for back problems I thought I knew what to expect. I was more than presently surprised to discover that Chris combined normal chiropractic adjustments, massage and acupuncture with a program of exercises designed to prevent my issues recurring."

Mr D. M.

“Having injured my back in 2014, I initially visited Chris weekly. His diagnosis and treatment proved to be spot on. He wrote to my G.P. requesting I be referred to hospital which moved treatment on. The exercise programme he set, his back care classes and treatment have been a major part in my recovery.”

Zoe Hayne

"As an experienced Sports Massage Therapist I consider myself to be a good judge of another therapist and quite possible I am tougher on them because of this. So when I come across a really good therapist I like to give them recognition for their work.

I have been treated by Chris Jolliffe on many occasion and when it comes to treatment I am not always as relaxed as I should be because of this. Chris, however, fully takes this into account and as a result takes the care and time to massage my back before commencing with treatment. It's this care and attention that has me writing this testimonial. If you are looking for a professional and well qualified chiropractor then look no further."

DKH, Bournemouth

"I have been attending Pilates classes with Chris Jolliffe for about 8 months. Apart from the amazing results I have had from the exercises Chris has taught me, I also thoroughly enjoy his classes. He instructs in a clear concise way, explaining the effects the exercises have on the body and makes sure he is aware of any problems or concerns his clients have. Chris makes his classes fun and I would recommend him as a very good instructor."

T Field

Chris was taking the new Pilates lessons; with his chiropractic background and diligence in finding suitable strengthening exercises, my core strength and mobility has improved. Pilates has become part of my lifestyle.

I have also attended Chris' Chiropractic clinic as a patient which also set me on the right road to recovery."

N Brown, Bournemouth

"I have been attending Chris's spin class on Monday evenings at Stokewood Leisure Centre for some time now. Chris is a fantastic instructor, always cheerful, and motivated with well planned classes, and I have to say, plays by far the best music for a spin class! If you want a class where you feel that you have really worked hard, but also had fun along the way, this is the class for you!

Through attending Chris's spin class I also discovered that he runs a chiropractic and acupuncture service. I told Chris I had an elbow injury and he suggested making an appointment with him.

Chris undertook a full assessment of both my elbow, posture and neck movement, and discovered a few problem areas. He wrote a personal plan for me which included a number of exercises to do at home. Following 8 sessions of acupuncture, massage and various different manipulations, all of my problem areas were sorted, and I have not had any further issues with my elbow which had been quite debilitating at the time. I would fully support and recommend Chris's service to anyone who suffers from a joint or musclel issues.

Thanks Chris, it's been a real pleasure!"

Chris Elliot

"Chris was originally introduced to me 5 years ago as a Personal Trainer. Whilst working with me it was discovered that a long standing injury prevented certain aspect of a training program. Chris undertook investigation into the problem at the Angleo-European College of Chiropractic (AECC) and with the assistance of colleagues at the AECC discovered the cause. Since that time and now with his expertise in both the Chiropractic Area and Personal Training he has devised a Training Program to compensate for that injury which means that my range of movement is much better than it would have been without his help."


"I really enjoy going to Pilates on Monday and Friday mornings for three reasons:

  1. the Pilates is all about improving functional movements I need for everyday life, especially as I get older.
  2. The great group of people I take the class with.
  3. Chris - as an instructor he takes his time explaining the purpose of the exercise and it's impact on your functional movements; he gives you the opportunity to make the moves more challenging when you're confident and ready to do it and more importantly he is a great guy! Needs to work on some of his jokes though!!!!!"

Ann, Christchurch

"Chris is a genuine and caring teacher who brings his Pilates and Chiro knowledge to his classes. He offers individual advise and ensures everyone is catered for whatever their standard. I highly recommend his classes."

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